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Institutional Memory
Graduate researchers in Vicki Rosser's history of higher education seminar are working with MU archivists to shed light on the 'hidden' history of the University and its former students.

  Cover Story: 'Dangerous for Everybody Involved'
Editors at National Geographic Adventure say Kira Salak, author traveler, and MU doctoral candidate, is a can't-miss prospect for international celebrity. If her next assignment doesn't kill her, that is. (@mizzou)
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Youth Movement
University of Missouri students are conducting scholarly research in record numbers. In the process they are slowly transforming long-held notional about undergraduate education at large, research-intensive universities.

The Measure of a Menace
How much arsenic is too much? After an emotional public debate, EPA regulators adopted a new, lower arsenic standard for the nation's drinking water. Some scientists, including a group working with MU's Steve Morris, say the public may still be at risk.

Curriculum for Creation
Student artists are learning to explore new directions in the visual arts.

Stem Cell Salvation
Children with Batten disease, a degenerative neurological disorder, seldom live past their teenage years. Mark Kirk's innovative research with embryonic stem cells from mice offers hope for a cure.

Profile: Eric Sandoval
Eric Sandoval is shaking up seismological science in one of the world's least stable regions.

New & Now
Newborns with needs, help for heart surgeons, falling-down drunks, wind resistant windows, a reference revitalization, and reflections on race.

  Dr. Jim Coleman, Vice Provost for Research.No Idle Learning.

Henry David Thoreau, one of history's most active amateur biologists, famously questioned whether students of science could suffer "any greater reproach than idle learning." Professional biologist and MU Assistant Professor Anand Chandrasekhar certainly doesn’t think so.

There are no idle learners in Chandrasekhar's Gentry Hall laboratory, only hard-working student scientists. Education arises from hands-on experience--the completion of formal investigations demanding close observation, hypotheses, predictions and the testing of natural phenomena. Student research findings, often presented alongside those of more experienced scientists, are subjected to rigorous peer review. Many add significantly to our understanding of complex biological processes.

Much of our Fall 2003 edition of Illumination is dedicated to exploring the achievements of similarly engaged scholars and scientists at MU.

Our cover story, for example, details the courageous personal and professional journey of Kira Salak, a doctoral candidate in creative writing who has become one of the nation's most admired adventure travel writers. Another story describes how the students of assistant professor Vicki Rosser are delving into long-neglected primary source material to uncover hidden aspects of MU history. We also explore works from a number of undergraduate visual artists who are aggressively pushing creative boundaries.

As with their professional counterparts, I believe these students are living proof that learning and creativity are antidotes to intellectual idleness, that no scholarly activity can kindle the flame of discovery more effectively than the university research experience. I hope you'll agree, and that this edition of Illumination will spark your own appreciation of the energy and ambition driving MU's young researchers.

Jim Coleman
Vice Provost for Research


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