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Interim Vice Chancellor for Research Robert Hall

A New Illumination

At the University of Missouri, as on university campuses everywhere, fall semester represents an exciting time of renewal and transition. Last year's seniors, wizened veterans of the ways of academe, have given way to this year's eager but apprehensive freshmen. Retiring faculty members have yielded their labs and classrooms to professors newly introduced. Courses have been updated, buildings dedicated, and degree programs initiated.

This fall, in part to mark Illumination's tenth year of continuous publication, we've undertaken some "renewal and transition" of our own. The new-look magazine you hold in your hands, designed by Illumination's art director Blake Dinsdale, is the end result of a collaborative reevaluation of virtually every aspect of our publishing program. We went about this yearlong undertaking with one goal in mind: to enhance your experience of MU's research, scholarship and creative achievement. Much of what we've done originated with your comments. We've reduced the size of the magazine to make it easier to handle and navigate. We've adopted new fonts to boost readability. We've increased the page count on most features to provide more room for photos, graphics and display type. And we've worked to include more, and more obvious, tie-ins to our sister publication, Illumination Online.

I believe this updated design does a better job of bringing into focus the fascinating, important work of MU's scientists and scholars. I hope you'll agree, and I look forward to receiving your comments.

You may have also noticed the new signature appended to this opening column. My friend and colleague, Dr. James Coleman, has recently left MU to become vice provost for research at Rice University in Houston. During his four-year tenure as head of our Office of Research, Jim used his intelligence, administrative skill and boundless enthusiasm for all things MU to help solidify the University's place as one of the nation's most important centers for discovery and higher learning. We wish Jim all the best for the future and dedicate this first edition of the new Illumination to him.

Rob Hall
Vice Chancellor for Research, Interim.

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