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“This one little boy, he would run from wall to wall, literally bouncing off the walls; that stopped,” McCormack says. “One boy would take hot showers to calm himself down, and he stopped needing to do that. That was interesting. Two of the boys got their driving permits. One finished a scuba diving certificate. Some of the outbursts subsided.

"One of the older boys said he started dating a cheerleader.” McCormack laughs. “Things are looking up for him, I guess.”

As for Alex, his mom says the effects have been “huge.”

“He’s more relaxed,” she says. “The school reported within the first two weeks that he finally started talking to them and was actually doing the work. He’s much more flexible, too. It has improved his ability to sit still and attend to task enormously. I’d gotten the impression before that the school was hanging on by their fingernails to keep him for three hours, but this year, he’s been doing wonderful.”

McCormack beams at this report but later tries to put it into perspective. “I don’t want to claim too much,” he says. “The preliminary data look promising, but more research needs to be done. So far, though, it seems to have made a difference in the lives of some of the children.”

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