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Cow, or Über Cow?Cow, or Über Cow?

A new genetic map shows that centuries of breeding better cows hasn’t emptied the bovine gene pool. At least not yet.

Molten PlanetMolten Planet

See how scientists at MU and Washington University are forging a deeper understanding of our planet’s nether regions.

Representative SpacesRepresentative Spaces

Joe Johnson creates beautiful images that complicate our way of looking at everyday things.

Closer LookCloser Look

Inside MU’s new Brain Imaging Center.

New and Now

Evolving Appetite

Like people, lab rats get a buzz from overeating.

Food of the Gods

Among the ruins in ancient Peru, evidence of repasts past.

Inflammatory Findings

Why bioactive lipids sometimes ‘signal’ inflammatory responses.

Time Treatment

A new finding hints at a better prognosis for bipolar youth.

Brave New Cells

A breakthrough finding pushes porcine fibroblasts toward pluripotency.

Star Power

Comet-like knots provide fireworks for curious astronomers.

Enforcing Equity

Enforcing Equity

If handled properly, gender-based quotas can ensure greater political participation for women.


Dmitry KorkinThe Protein Detective

Dmitry Korkin, bioinformatician and computer scientist, is lifting the veil on rogue polypeptides.