Web Exclusives

Bazaar America

Maureen Stanton discusses the importance of objects in American culture.

Beauty and the Bug

Bob Sites introduces intriguing specimens from MU's Enns Entomology Museum.

Genomic Pursuit

Lori Eggert shows how "non-invasive sampling" helps scientists understand the elusive elephants on Laos' Nakai Plateau.

Unsafe at Any Exposure?

MU scientists say the chemical additive bispenol A may have adverse health effects. Cheryl Rosenfeld explains why.

New and Now

Friend in Need

An innovative surgical procedure is helping Jack the dog breathe easier.

Language and Learning

Is “English only” the best course for limited-proficiency students?

Request Denied

In the fight against terrorism, access to information is the first casualty.

System Failure

When neural pathways go silent, heartbreak follows.

Trust Me

Might fewer fences make for happier, healthier neighbors?

Red Light, Green Light

Tickets notwithstanding, traffic cameras may be motorists’ best friends.

Save Me

Brain Food

Former football players are prone to cognitive difficulties. Eating better may help.


Steven FreundFathers' Friend

Mansoo Yu says prenatal care isn’t just for expectant women.