Web Exclusives

Stewart and Sperber

Jonathan Sperber talks about Karl Marx on Comedy Central’s Daily Show.

Mineral Micronutrient

Michael Petris explains the mechanics of why copper is so vital to our health.

Old Objects, New Space

Some of the many artifacts from the Museum of Anthropology that will soon be moving to Mizzou North.

An Ancient Ape

Ashley Hammond uses 3D technology to uncover new facts about old fossils.

New and Now

Oh, Snap!

An ancient turtle may be coming to a town near you.

Neural Distress

Why different malfunctions may lead to similar patient problems.

Happy Hunting

Recent graduates have reason to be glum about finding jobs. They should keep smiling.

The Helpful Gene

Blurring the lines between ‘accommodating’and ‘anxious.’

Dietary Deficits

More Missourians ask, ‘Where will my next meal come from?’

Ice Ages

What fossils in Tanzania tell us about climate change.

Ink-Stained Wretch?

Seeking clarity on who should call themselves a journalist.

Amalgamated Math

An integrated approach to our nation’s math-skills deficit.


Deborah HanuscinThe Science Specialist

Teaching science isn’t easy. MU’s Deborah Hanuscin can help.