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Rain MakersRain Makers

How Elevated Convection Storms Are Born

Extended EducationExtended Education

A Century of Sharing University Know-How

New and Now

Sew Wrong

A new generation struggles with an ancient chore.

Spread Stopper

A 'signaling' molecule makes strides against aggressive cancers.

Baby Talk

A new finding suggests infants need to hear themselves chatter.

Predators and Pavement

With a few small changes, raptors can make a home at the workplace.

Arrested Development

Plants need boron to develop properly. Now we know why.

Heavy Lifting

An evidence-based evaluation of a benchmark exercise.

Closer Look: Hidden No More

A new look at some long-neglected ancient artifacts.

Sweet Exceptions

When active kids partake in moderation, sugary drinks appear less bad than feared.


Charles MenifieldEducation Advocate

Charles Menifield knows well the benefits of graduate education.