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A Purposeful Vision

From its earliest days, visionary leaders at the Missouri School of Journalism have encouraged their students to dig deeply into all aspects of the human condition, recording and reporting their discoveries in ways that lead readers and viewers to a greater appreciation of our planet’s sublime beauty and heartbreaking pathos.

Few students have more successfully fulfilled this mission than Alexey Furman, a recent photojournalism graduate whose work is featured on our cover. That image — a farmer and his horse walking serenely along a mountain road in western Ukraine — powerfully evokes the sense of security and stability people throughout the world yearn to achieve. That the photo was captured in a nation at war, one torn apart by a clash of forces Furman dramatically depicts in Ukraine’s capital (seen on page 16), only underscores its poignancy.

Along with the photographs of his amazingly talented J-school colleagues, Furman’s images speak to the wide reach of MU’s research, scholarly and public service activities. In this they reflect national and global influence of other projects you’ll encounter in this issue of Illumination.

You will meet MU life scientists, for example, who are part of an international revolution in genetic research, one that could change forever our approach to preventing life-threatening diseases and disabilities. You’ll also encounter an MU plant scientist who is leading the way toward unraveling one of nature’s enduring mysteries, a team of physiologists who have developed a simple and inexpensive tool for preventing injuries in young athletes, and researchers who see great promise in the way the Internet allows readers to talk back to reporters almost instantaneously.

This last story is one that, for me at least, seems particularly timely. Because this is my first issue as Illumination’s publisher — and only the second issue since the introduction of a major design overhaul — feedback from our readers would be especially helpful. Our goal now, as always, is to use these pages to bring you closer to the energy and excitement of our scientists’ and scholars’ unremitting quest for discovery and knowledge. I hope you’ll visit us at illumination.missouri.edu to let me know how we’re doing.

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Mark McIntosh,
Interim Vice Chancellor for Research, Graduate Studies and Economic Development

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