Web Exclusives

Closer Look: Peaceful Pots

Todd VanPool explores the distinctive pottery of the Salado culture.

Art in an Instant

Mary Pixley examines Andy Warhol’s Polaroids and silver gelatin prints.

Novelists, Interrupted

Devoney Looser reads a selection from Jane Porter’s The Scottish Chiefs.

New and Now

Bean Breakthrough

Completed genomic sequence ushers in a new era for the already legendary legume.

Staging Success

A ‘photoacoustics’ test offers improved melanoma diagnoses.

Intervention Instruction

Youths at risk for suicide often ask for help. School staff must listen.

Health Speak

When communication lags, health problems fester.

Constructive Collaboration

Sea-going scientists get to the bottom of the Haitian earthquake.

Board Balloting

Why local politics, and parents’ participation in it, affects school performance.

Worrisome Weather

Atmospheric blocking is becoming less rare, and climate scientists are concerned.

Cataclysm Confirmed

Cataclysm Confirmed

An MU geologist helps quiet the ‘single impact’ controversy.


David BrunsmaAn Academic Advocate

David Brunsma, researcher and rights campaigner, believes sociology can change the world.