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Weed WarsWeed Wars

A new way to fight an old enemy.

Litigation, Less BleakLitigation, Less Bleak

Planning for early negotiation could be a boon to both clients and lawyers.

Fungus FreeFungus Free

Why the humble Norton has a genetic leg up on the world's most noble vines.

Risky BusinessRisky Business

During recessions, small business owners often self-finance. Beware.

Smiles Left BehindSmiles Left Behind

Researchers say it's not those laughing who will remember.

<em>Afarensis,</em> UprightAfarensis, Upright

A breakthrough discovery sheds light on human origins.

Bacteria BusterBacteria Buster

A "trash tree" is poised to become an important infection fighter.

Closer Look: Derelict DudsCloser Look: Derelict Duds

Textiles are nearly 100 percent recyclable, yet mountains of cast-off clothing end up in America's landfills each year.



Picturing Empowerment

Michelle Teti, health psychologist and women's advocate, lets the camera do the talking.