Web Exclusives

Self-fertilizing Corn?

Gary Stacey deploys a maize-boosting bacteria.

New and Now

History on the Hoof

The genetic record reveals today’s cattle have complicated pasts.

Unconditional Affection

For chidren with autism, a furry friend may be just the ticket.

Soft Fossils

A rare fossil find offers a window into Cambrian life.

Infection Alert

How plants unwittingly give a green light to bacterial pathgens.

Little Big Fish

A relative of the minnow makes a sizable splash in an MU laboratory.

Sea Change

A statistical model yields insight into the ocean’s deep secrets.

Psychology of Decline

In professional sports, pay for past performance may imperil future results.


Kelli CanadaAn Advocate for the Marginalized

For troubled veterans and others, Kelli Canada offers a new approach.