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Culture in Motion

Edifying art from MU’s soon-to-be-relocated anthropology museum.

Fall 2013

Artist Unbound

Cherie Sampson...uses choreographed movement, projected video and installation art to physically inhabit...places she calls "found landscapes"...

Spring 2013

Ink Indelible

Ellis Exhibit features masterworks from printers past.

Fall 2012

Bazaar America

A writer's immersion in the flea market trade.

Fall 2011

Revisiting MU’s Old Masters

For a timeless collection, a golden anniversary.

Spring 2011

Imaginative Impressions

Rediscovering the allure of letterpress and screen printing.

Fall 2010

Novelists, Interrupted

Jane & Anna Porter: The most important English novelists you've never heard of.

Spring 2010

Art in an Instant

Warhol’s instant images join MU’s permanent collection.

Spring 2010

Peaceful Pots

Todd VanPool explores the distinctive pottery of the Salado culture.

Spring 2010 - Closer Look

Representative Spaces

Joe Johnson creates unforgettable images of everyday places.

Fall 2009

Food of the Gods

Among the ruins in ancient Peru, evidence of repasts past.

Fall 2009 - New & Now

Dissociate Realms

A century of documenting life in the Show-Me State.

Fall 2008 - Closer Look

Some Assembly Required

Sometimes creating fine art is just a matter of spending quality time at the hardware store.

Fall 2008

Bright Innovations

After Angus McDougall was equipped with an AC portable strobe, photojournalism would never be the same.

Spring 2008

Still Standing

Heroic intervention ensures an historic home’s survival.

Spring 2008

Puppet Masters

For Martin Holman and his students, Buntaku is a passport to all things Japan.

Fall 2007

Invented Worlds

Nathan Boyer searches for the sublime.

Fall 2007

Poetic Pilgrim

Scott Cairns pursues the poetics of sacrament.

Spring 2007

O.N. Pruitt

An MU faculty scholar helps preserve the stunning oeuvre of a small-town Mississippi photographer.

Spring 2007

Art for Books’ Sake

An upcoming exhibit at MU’s Museum of Art and Archeology celebrates some of the world's greatest visual artists’ contributions to literary publications.

Spring 2006

An Enduring Attraction

Thanks to MU’s Albert Devlin, Tennessee Williams is back in the spotlight.

Fall 2005

Empathy and Exuberance

Throughout her 20-year career as a photojournalist, Jackie Bell has created impossible-to-ignore images while on demanding, sometimes dangerous, assignments.

Fall 2005

“Miner’s House”

Fall 2005 - New & Now

An Evolving Path

Mark Langeneckert teaches his students that the path to fine art begins at self discovery.

Spring 2005

Lens on Life Sciences

Photographer Brian Kratzer offers unexpected views of MU’s new research facility.

Fall 2004

‘Long Strides on Unknown Soil’

Two intrepid explorers, now forgotten, blazed the trail for Lewis & Clark.

Spring 2004

The Immigrant’s Author

Kerby Miller is widely acknowledged as the world’s foremost authority on Irish immigration to the United States. He is not, however, without his critics.

Spring 2004

Up From The Underground

Recent works by Frank Stack, inventor of the underground comic.

Spring 2004

Institutional Memory

Graduate researchers in Vicki Rosser’s history of higher education seminar are working with MU archivists to shed light on the ‘hidden’ history of the University and its former students.

Fall 2003

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