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Moveable Rays

A rocket scientist lays the groundwork for a breakthrough in x-ray imaging.

Fall 2013

Closer Look: Rings of Fire

Randy Curry, professor of electrical and computer engineering at MU, is among those working to unleash plasma's power.

Spring 2013

Rollover Relief

How a phone-based technology is tackling a farm-based hazard.

Spring 2013 - New & Now

Disturbance at the Protein Factory

There is nothing new about scanner technology. It's been built into living cells for eons.

Fall 2012

Earth Interconnected

Ecosystems. Drug smuggling routes. Airline traffic. The internet.

Fall 2012

Pest Proof

Genetic detective work yields a soybean breakthrough.

Fall 2012 - New & Now

Remains of Munitions Past

It has been 70 years since the Allies celebrated victory over the Axis Powers...over much of the United Stated a toxic form of collateral damage still lingers.

Fall 2012

Digital Detection

Computing power and a clever algorithm yield a DNA advance.

Spring 2012

Closer Look: Wonder Weed

These specimen of Arabidopsis are yielding important clues to solving two of plant sciences' most vexing questions.

Fall 2011

Unsafe at Any Exposure

Cheryl Rosenfeld and her University of Missouri colleagues know they're on the chemical industry's radar.

Fall 2011

Fungus Free

Why the humble Norton has a genetic leg up on the world's most noble vines.

Spring 2011 - New & Now

Weed Wars

A new way to fight an old enemy.

Spring 2011 - New & Now

Elemental Hazard

Everyone agrees that cadmium, a ubiquitous industrial metal, is toxic. But might women be particularly vulnerable? Jane McElroy is determined to discover answers.

Fall 2010

Chemical Reactions

More bad news about Bisphenol A.

Fall 2010

Closer Look: Overhead Lead

A new aerial survey technique aids in detecting lead contamination.

Fall 2010

Master of the Minuscule

Jae Wan Kwon has the capacity to make electronic devices better than they were before. Better, stronger... smaller.

Spring 2010

Plastics Plant

With a little bioengineering, plastics could get a whole lot greener.

Spring 2009 - New & Now

Early Warning

A device that amplifies light waves could revolutionize disease diagnostics.

Fall 2008 - New & Now

Trains on Time

Passenger-only rails could help Amtrak get up to speed.

Fall 2008 - New & Now

Little Killers

As silver nanoparticles go mainstream, environmental concerns flow downstream.

Fall 2008

Bombs Away

Fall 2006 - New & Now

Energy Extremists

MU engineers explore a new generation of lasers.

Spring 2006

Chemical Containment

Can nitrogen-sensing technologies bring life to the dead zone?

Fall 2005

The Scenic Solution?

Kiln dust, a troublesome byproduct of cement manufacture, could help revitalize Missouri’s industrial landscape.

Spring 2005

Novel Reaction

Spring 2004 - New & Now

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