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Irreplaceable Element

Children who can’t metabolize copper live short, difficult lives. Michael Petris, biochemist and copper connoisseur, is laying the groundwork for genetic therapies.

Fall 2013

Neural Distress

Why different malfunctions may lead to similar patient problems.

Fall 2013 - New & Now

The Helpful Gene

Blurring the lines between ’accommodating’ and ’anxious’.

Fall 2013 - New & Now

Dietary Deficits

More Missourians ask, "Where will my next meal come from?".

Fall 2013 - New & Now

Beneficial Bliss

Happily married couples feel better about ageing.

Spring 2013 - New & Now

Born to Run

Thirty-six reasons why some rodents are more into exercise.

Spring 2013 - New & Now

Cry Babies

Fatigued parents want answers. Even wrong answers.

Spring 2013 - New & Now

D for Diabetes

For some young people, correcting vitamin D deficiencies may make diabetes less likely.

Spring 2013 - New & Now

Cancer Disruptors

For decades, the cancer-fighting promise of carboranes has gone largely unfulfilled. No longer.

Fall 2012 - New & Now

Closer Look: Solid Gold

A team of MU scientists described how gold nanoparticles and a tea leaf-based compound could potentially treat prostate tumors with doses that are much smaller and far less damaging than conventional chemotherapy.

Fall 2012

Red Wonder

A chemical found in wine grape skins continues to amaze.

Fall 2012 - New & Now

Threat Assessment

Prioritizing risk factors can help public health officials to do more with less.

Fall 2012

Feline Fever

A novel drug combination may lessen C. felis' grim toll.

Spring 2012 - New & Now

In-Time Tissue

A new system will help extend the short shelf life of donated cartilage.

Spring 2012 - New & Now

Mental Appetites

Neural-response imaging confirms what mother told you: Eat a healthy breakfast.

Spring 2012 - New & Now

Move to Improve

Why minority health and fitness programs could use a makeover.

Spring 2012 - New & Now

The Well-Wrought Vessel

New imaging technologies reveal the 'wisdom of the architecture' behind the human circulatory system.

Spring 2012

A+ Eating

The farm-to-school movement declares war on the tater tot.

Fall 2011

Brain Food

Former football players are prone cognitive difficulties. Eater better may help.

Fall 2011 - New & Now

Friend in Need

An innovative surgical procedure is helping Jack breathe easier.

Fall 2011 - New & Now

System Failure

When neural pathways go silent, heartbreak follows.

Fall 2011 - New & Now

Bacteria Buster

A "trash tree" is poised to become an important infection fighter.

Spring 2011 - New & Now

Depression, Unobserved

For too many elders, undiagnosed depression casts a pall over their later years.

Spring 2011

Smiles Left Behind

Researchers say it's not those laughing who will remember.

Spring 2011 - New & Now

Thinning the Herd

Horse lovers agree that there are too many of these majestic animals...

Spring 2011

Elemental Hazard

Everyone agrees that cadmium, a ubiquitous industrial metal, is toxic. But might women be particularly vulnerable? Jane McElroy is determined to discover answers.

Fall 2010

Pet Monitors

For dogs with diabetes, better monitoring means better disease management.

Fall 2010 - New & Now

Star Power

Celebrity media is good for you.

Fall 2010

Muscle Building

A promising new therapy for a tragic childhood condition.

Fall 2010 - New & Now

Friends and Family

Positive relationships can offset poor ones for youths at risk.

Fall 2010

Chemical Reactions

More bad news about Bisphenol A.

Fall 2010 - New & Now

Staging Success

A ‘photoacoustics’ test offers improved melanoma diagnoses.

Spring 2010 - New & Now

Intervention Instruction

Youths at risk for suicide often ask for help. School staff must listen.

Spring 2010 - New & Now

Health Speak

When communication lags, health problems fester.

Spring 2010 - New & Now

Evolving Appetite

Like people, lab rats get a buzz from overeating.

Fall 2009 - New & Now

Inflammatory Findings

Why bioactive lipids sometimes ‘signal’ inflammatory responses.

Fall 2009 - New & Now

Time Treatment

A new finding hints at a better prognosis for bipolar youth.

Fall 2009 - New & Now

Brave New Cells

A breakthrough finding pushes porcine fibroblasts toward pluripotency.

Fall 2009 - New & Now

Closer Look: Resonant Image

At MU’s new Brain Imaging Center, a facility equipped with some of the planet’s most sophisticated neuroimaging gear, researchers will investigate questions at the core of cognition.

Fall 2009

Where the Bad Things Are

A new home for pathogens, and the scientists who struggle to defeat them.

Spring 2009

Mind Games

A workout for the brain offers hope for kids with autism.

Spring 2009

New View of ALS

Devastating dog disorder offers insight into a human malady.

Spring 2009 - New & Now

Early Warning

A device that amplifies light waves could revolutionize disease diagnostics.

Fall 2008 - New & Now

Disappearing Doctors

As patients grow older, the number of generalist physcians declines.

Fall 2008 - New & Now

Plastic War

A long, often ugly battle over Bisphenol nears its end game.

Fall 2008 - New & Now

Vision Quest

Peptides a key to cataract onset.

Fall 2008 - New & Now

Protective Paste

An organic carbohydrate in processed tomatoes is a potent cancer fighter.

Fall 2008 - New & Now

Memory At Work

Two MU researchers are closing in on the mysterious operations of short term ‘working’ memory.

Fall 2008

Friendly Fire

An MU immunologist is ready to intervene when the human body’s cellular defenses go awry.

Fall 2008

Bad to the Bone

MU’s Pamela Hinton thinks some cyclists may need to change gears on their exercise regimen.

Spring 2008

Girls’ Talk

Amanda Rose rethinks the conventional wisdom on caring, sharing and kids’ emotional health.

Fall 2007

The AIDS Herb

Despite the wishful thinking of millions of South Africans, Sutherlandia frutescens won’t likely prevent or cure AIDS. But scientists believe this gangly legume could, nonetheless, turn out to be a winner.

Fall 2007

No Shots, No Pain, No Fear

A new technology takes on the dentist’s drill.

Fall 2007

Infectious Affection

Companion animals draw scrutiny from Methicillin-resistant staph investigators.

Fall 2007 - New & Now

Weathering the Storm

South Africa’s extended families show resilience in HIV/AIDS crisis.

Fall 2007 - New & Now

The Ion Channel

Recent finding puts a charge in nerve cell studies.

Fall 2007 - New & Now

Plaques and Tangles

After a century of research, scientists close in on the causes of Alzheimer’s.

Fall 2007 - New & Now

Anatomy of Infection

Understanding retroviral assembly is key to controlling the world’s most lethal communicable diseases.

Spring 2007

Battlefield Bacteria

Spring 2007 - New & Now

Antecedence to Injury

Who ends up in the ER?

Fall 2006

Upbeat Elders

Fall 2006 - New & Now

Genetic Adjustment

Despite frustrating failures and tragic setbacks, gene therapy offers hope to kids with muscular dystrophy.

Spring 2006

Help for the Hinterlands

MU’s rural track aims to keep small town med students close to their roots.

Fall 2005

Emotional Clarity

Fall 2005 - New & Now

Super Sorghum

Fall 2005 - New & Now

Confused Causes

Fall 2005 - New & Now

Blockbuster Buffer

Why Jeffrey Phillips’ new drug is good for patients, and business.

Spring 2005

The Herbal Alternative

Is black cohosh a safe substitute for hormone replacement therapy?

Spring 2005

Gain Without Pain

Spring 2005 - New & Now

Deep Breathing

Spring 2005 - New & Now

Stem Cell Control

Spring 2005 - New & Now

A Sense of the Future

A biological engineer helps our bodies help themselves.

Fall 2004

Animal Ambulation

Fall 2004 - New & Now

Copper as Killer

Fall 2004 - New & Now

Brain Food

Two MU researchers explore how grapes help limit brain cell death following strokes.

Spring 2004

Adverse Acid

Spring 2004 - New & Now

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