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Oh, Snap

An ancient turtle may be coming to a town near you.

Fall 2013 - New & Now

Loved to Death

New findings have cast a spotlight on the world's cutest primate. Will that be enough to save it?

Spring 2013

Sensitive Creatures

An anatomical reason why it's not safe to go in the water.

Spring 2013 - New & Now

Aromatic Attraction

Candace Galen at MU's Tucker Hall greenhouse. For 30 years Galen has explored 'mutalisms' among plants and pollinators.

Fall 2012

Song of the Pond

New insight into the music of amphibian orchestra.

Spring 2012

Beauty and the Bug

At MU’s Enns Entomology Museum, insects get top billing.

Fall 2011

Genomic Pursuit

New genetic census-taking tools are for the first time allowing scientists like Eggert to zero in on individual African forest elephants, recording their movement patterns and home ranges.

Fall 2011

A Rare Bird

It will take a village, and an adverturous wildlife biologist, to save the Tuamotu Kingfisher.

Spring 2011

Giant Steps

An ’anatomical approach‘ unearths insights into dinosaur locomotion.

Spring 2011

Thinning The Herd

Horse lovers agree that there are too many of these majestic animals... but not all see eye to eye on what to do about it.

Spring 2011

Weed Wars

A new way to fight an old enemy.

Spring 2011 - New & Now

Fungus Free

Why the humble Norton has a genetic leg up on the world's most noble vines.

Spring 2011 - New & Now

Afarensis, Upright

A breakthrough discovery sheds light on human origins.

Spring 2011 - New & Now

Bacteria Buster

A “trash tree” is poised to become an important infection fighter.

Spring 2011 - New & Now

Lair of the Round Worm

For one of America’s costliest pests, a self-made sanctum is also its chief vulnerability.

Fall 2010

Save Me

Bats are dying at an alarming rate. Scientists are racing to stop the contagion that is killing them.

Fall 2010 - New & Now

Strength in Diversity

An improved molecular mapping technique promises to unleash the potential of maize, one of the world’s most genetically diverse crops.

Spring 2010

Bean Breakthrough

Completed genomic sequence ushers in a new era for the already legendary legume.

Spring 2010 - New & Now

Cow, or Über Cow?

A new genetic map shows that centuries of breeding better cows hasn’t emptied the bovine gene pool. At least not yet.

Fall 2009

Rise and Fall

Through time eternal, billions of plants have sprouted, and eventually shed, countless leaves, petals and fruit. But why?

Spring 2009

Early Warning

A device that amplifies light waves could revolutionize disease diagnostics.

Fall 2008 - New & Now

Joint Genetics

MU Protein researchers take aim at arthritis.

Spring 2009 - New & Now

Closer Look Fish Food

Spring 2009 - New & Now

Friendly Fire

An MU immunologist is ready to intervene when the human body’s cellular defenses go awry.

Fall 2008

Modern Prometheus

Replacement organs printed with bio-ink may one day save thousands of lives.

Spring 2008

The Bug Collector

Where the insects go, Bob Sites goes.

Fall 2007

Petite Performer

Miniature chromosomes pack a big punch.

Fall 2007 - New & Now

Into the Blue

What makes plants bend toward the light?

Fall 2007 - New & Now

Frog Friendly

Biologists help the United States Golf Association go green.

Fall 2007 - New & Now

Vet Visionary

Kristina Narfstrom has helped blind cats see. Will people be next?

Spring 2007

Genetically Altered

Spring 2007 - New & Now

The Other Stem Cells

Adult stem cells won’t end the need for embryonic cells, says MU’s Elmer Price. But they could produce powerful new therapies.

Fall 2006

Worlds Unseen

Images from MU’s Electron Microscopy Core show the stunning complexity of everyday things.

Fall 2006

Appropriate Pollens

Spring 2006 - New & Now

Pork Fat Rules

Spring 2006 - New & Now

The Proteomicists

Young investigators look to take a bite out of big oil.

Fall 2005

Fuel (and Pet) Friendly

Fall 2005 - New & Now

Organ Assembly

Fall 2005 - New & Now

Packaged Corn

Spring 2005 - New & Now

Pets’ Teeth

Spring 2005 - New & Now

Walking Tall

Jimi Cook’s ‘miracle tissue’ could help millions of people, and dogs, walk easier.

Fall 2004

Chews Like Chicken

Fall 2004 - New & Now

Amphibian Advocate

Who’s looking out for our endangered pond-dwellers?

Spring 2004

Imitation of Life

Spring 2004 - New & Now

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