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Profile: Deborah Hanuscin

Teaching science isn’t easy. MU’s Deborah Hanuscin can help.

Fall 2013

Profile: Ben Puttler

In the quest for parasitoids, Ben Puttler leaves no leaf unturned.

Spring 2013

Profile: Kevine Moore

Kevin Moore leads next-generation farmers back to the land.

Fall 2012

Profile: Joanna Hearne

Joanna Hearne helps both students and scholars get the most out of visual media.

Spring 2012

Profile: Mansoo Yu

Mansoo Yu, public health and social work researcher, says prenatal care isn’t just for women.

Fall 2011

Profile: Michelle Teti

Michelle Teti, health psychologist and women’s advocate, lets the camera do the talking.

Spring 2011

Profile: Stefan Freund

Stefan Freund is introducing a new generation to new music.

Fall 2010

Profile: David Brunsma

David Brunsma, researcher and rights campaigner, believes sociology can change the world.

Spring 2010

Profile: Dmitry Korkin

Dmitry Korkin, bioinformatician and computer scientist, is lifting the veil on rogue polypeptides.

Fall 2009

Monumental Achievement

An MU artist honors Gerald R. Ford, icon of presidential integrity.

Spring 2009

David Schramm: Family Man

David Schramm wants everyone to enjoy a happy home.

Fall 2008

Nandhu Radhakrishnan: Communication Artist

Nandhu Radhaknshnan takes the measure of song and speech.

Spring 2008

Colleen Heflin: Toward a Policy of Prosperity

Colleen Heflin believes the poor need not always be with us.

Fall 2007

Glenn Washer: Toward Safer Spans

Glenn Washer didn’t grow up wanting to be a bridge safety expert, but we can all be thankful he did.

Spring 2007

Karen Piper: Intruder in the Dust

Karen Piper grew up under a cloud of dangerous dust. Her new book helps to clear the air.

Fall 2006

Bruce Bartholow: Rated M for Mature

A psychologist with an interest in aggression offers insight into video game violence.

Spring 2006

Cheikh Seye: The Soccer Playing Scientist

Cheikh Seye, biochemist and soccer standout, is aiming to give vascular disease the boot.

Fall 2005

Joshua Millspaugh: The Elephant Man

Joshua Millspaugh, a wildlife biologist, wants to know what puts elephants on edge.

Spring 2005

Peter Vallentyne: On Liberty, and Other Abstractions

Philosopher Peter Vallentyne gets to the bottom of what we talk about when we talk about liberty.

Fall 2004

Auspicious Beginnings

With an emphasis on education, a National Science Foundation program helps new faculty sow the seeds of tomorrow’s scientific revolutions.

Fall 2004

Carol Anderson: Human Rights, and Wrongs

MU Professor Carol Anderson discovered how “human rights” became “civil rights“ for African-Americans.

Spring 2004

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